Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dendrobium convolutum Rolfe 1906

This orchid has bulb and leaf that resembles Den macrophyllum. And if we examine it closer, the flower also has the similar shape. However, the flower of this species is different from Den macrophyllum. Den convolutum has green sepals and petals with reddish labellum. The size of the flower could be considered as small, with diameter at around 5 cm. This species is native of Papua.

Dendrobium lamellatum [Bl.] Lindley 1830

The picture is not good. This is the third time this orchid blooms in my yard. At first, the cane will look like a mini plant of Den. platygastrium, because they are so similar except for their size. But when the flowers come, the similarity will disappear. This dendrobium has small flower (1 cm in diameter, with round-shape flower), yellow sepals and petals, and with brown labellum. The flower will come from nodul on leafless cane.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dendrobium platygastrium Rchb. f. 1878

This dendrobium has a unique cane, which in my opinion resembles snake pattern ( I quote this one from my father's comment...:o), and it has a very thin cane, which I guess no more that 1 mm. The flower is very nice, with creamy white or pearl-like color and pinkish labellum.

Dendrobium crumenatum Swartz 1799

This is one of the most popular orchid in Java. I could remember it back then when I was child. I saw this orchid grown very well on my grandma's mango tree, and everytime it produces flower, a mystical fragrance comes up. It easily produces a lot of keikis and a lot of flowers. Despite its flowers have short life, it is a favorite amongs the other local orchids in Java.

This picture comes from first flower ever bloomed in my yard. I attached it on starfruit tree about one year ago, and finally my patience is well-paid. The local name for this orchid is "anggrek merpati", which means dove orchid. This name is due to its flower and its color that is dove-like.

Dendrobium odoratum Schlechter 1910

This species is belong to the same family with Dendrobium crumenatum. The differences come from its size, that is larger than Den. crumenatum and its endurance, which is longer (its flower could last for three days, whereas Den. crumenatum only last for a day). I just attached this orchid into grape trunk, and it does well since then. Morever, I am happy with this one because it blooms regularly, at about once in three month. This occasion is the most vibrant moment when it produces some flowers on each old leafless cane. And during its blossom time, my yard is always full of fragrance.

Dendrobium truncatum Lindl. 1859

I have difficulties to take picture for this species due to its size (around 5 mm in width) and the lack of expertise in my side :o(. This species is unique due to its flower size and its leaf size. I think many orchid lovers will find it unattractive at all. However, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... :o)

Dendrobium purpureum var alba Roxb. 1820

This is a rare yet a unique variant of Den purpureum. The most popular one is with red color. In addition to the distinction of their color, the main difference lies on the bulb shape. the white one tends to have bulky and shorter cane, whereas the red one looks longer and thinner. Nevertheless, both are attractive. Sometimes people misunderstand Den purpureum var alba with Den capituliflorum which exactly has the same color and almost similar flower bucket. However, Den capituliflorum tend to have shorter bulb and less rounded flower bucket.