Thursday, June 24, 2010

Arundina graminifolia [D Don] Hochr. 1910

This orchid, when it doesn't show its flower, will be likely mistankenly identified as grass or as such because its appearance has much resemblance with grass or any gramineae family. But sometimes closer look will find that this plant produce keikis on its cane, which is absolutely no sign of gramineae. At first I didn't believe at all that this is an orchid species, later friend of mine showed me some keikis near the top of the cane, and finally I believed that it is an orchid. And now, after saw the flower by myself, I know I like this flower, it is beautiful and looks like dendrobium.

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  1. Yes this is so true. When you see it for the first time and without flowers it looks just like a gramineae. There are in fact several plants including gramineae that look just like it in its native range making identifying it in the field quite tricky unless there are flowers. You can tell though if you look at the bottom of the cane, sometimes you may have to pull it out the ground a bit, but there is a small but definate Pseudobulb present.